Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Going Secular

I've been in the music industry/music almost my whole life.1999 is the year I got saved and introduced to JESUS CHRIST.I knew instantly that I was called to do music in a revolutionary way.With no mentors and very little guidance in the music business, I hit the ground running.I moved to Nashville when I was 25 with plans to expand my dreams, calling and the music I was blessed with.I can honestly say my motives were pure and all I wanted to see was the kingdom of GOD being advanced.When I first started going to the GMA'S, Verbs and Phanatik expressed to me not to "get sucked into the machine".I got the gist of what they were saying but did not have the full understanding of what the "machine" was.Welcome to Nashville's Christian industry! Since I've been in the Christian industry I have experienced the bad,the ugly and the worst.I've seen Christians do bad business and manipulate scripture to get what they want from people.I have seen a lack of character and integrity.I have seen Christian artist getting drunk having casual sex outside of marriage, adultery and entertaining groupies.Overall, one of the biggest disappointments was witnessing how prejudice Christians and Christian artist can be.You've got Christian Contemporary Music which is predominantly white people and you have black gospel which is predominantly black.This is modern day segregation.This is the state of the so called "Church".I have seen artist and ministers form clicks and talk badly about each others forms of ministry.I have seen openly homosexual men and women in places of leadership.As well as men who abuse their wives be in places of church leadership.I have seen the most disrespectful "hollywood" people in church and in the Christian industry.Lord knows, I have never seen so many lazy, don't want to get a job folks, in my life, until I got saved.If you desire to do full time ministry, well minister some character and integrity to yourself first.It seems that it rarely exists that people keep their word and stay loyal.I thought we were suppose to be praying for one another and covering each other.The same people who will show up for their own shows to get paid, you wont find at prayer meetings.I have had people ask me how much I charge for shows and guest appearances, for them only to get mad at the answer.They want you to bless them with a free verse but sell their CD for 10.00 to 15.00 dollars.Meanwhile, they have uncleared samples on songs and no bar codes on their CDs.Without these things it ultimately amounts to stealing.I have seen artist/ministers preach against each other and divide the people of GOD'S kingdom.I have seen artist/ministers switch up their calling and change who they are so that caucasian churches or mega churches will book them.I have seen a lot of african american churches spend millions of dollars on a building and spend nothing on providing a full time youth and children's minister.Some of these same churches don't even have an area for the youth to meet.It seems that with these leaders trying to please everybody and have the "new" thing, that their family lives often take the hardest of blows.Them desiring to be so well known ends up with their own kids not knowing who their parents are.The thing that hurts the most is GOD'S people have left him and abandon their communities.I am not mad or bitter by any means.I'm just hurt! While we are busy people pleasing, people are dying and not knowing our savior JESUS CHRIST.Which brings me to my conclusion.Through being humbled by the hand of GOD and by a series of events.I realized I have been a people pleaser myself. GOD has called me to the mainstream/world to minister to the brokenness of the industry/unchurched.I have been such a hypocrite walking around with titles so I can be accepted by the church because I was born different and called to be different.I am taking the titles off. No more christian Artist, rapper none of that.I am just an artist.No I am not leaving GOD or my faith in JESUS CHRIST.I am just switching lanes to the mainstream.My focus will be to the streets, clubs, schools systems, suburbs, communities and anywhere lost people are.I will still minister/perform at churches if they book me but that will not be my focus. I feel like I owe it to my supporters, and fans to let them know which direction GOD JESUS CHRIST is taking me.
I'll leave you with this quote: " If we had no titles or could not tell anybody that we were a Christian. Would people be able to tell we were christian by our lifestyle"
P.S: Majority of what GOD did and the miracles that took place where outside of the four walls of the church. 
By: Eric Davis aka OLDHEAD
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Why are Black Women so Bitter? The world wants to know!After watching numerous talk shows and listening to the worlds view on black women, I decided to write my own personal blog about the topic of bitter black women. Since slavery, the roles of the black families have been reversed. The Structure of the African American families was ripped apart by an ideal of a supreme white America. The black male was stripped of his manhood, forcing him to become weak or eventually be killed. The black women observed the black male beat, killed, and loose his identity. As a result, she had to become strong for the African American existence. She became strong like a man to save her man. This unselfish act made her put her true Identity aside. Her emotions were buried; the thought of being married was annihilated. By the way, her children were sold as slaves. She was raped and forced to give up her virtue. The African American woman became a breeding ground to produce slaves. The African American woman was striped of her very essence, causing hurt beyond measure. Bitterness aroused toward humanity and a misplaced strength was formed. Slavery, the war between the north and the south, and the civil rights movement left her history and passion for life erased. Forced to create an identity to live, the African American woman became strong. The African American woman led people out of slavery (Harriet Tubman). The African American woman refused to sit in back of the bus (Rosa Parks). The African American woman was the backbone for one of the world greatest international leaders (Mrs. King).The African American woman prayed and held the church together for decades. She fought in the courtrooms for the African American men who faced injustice. The African American Woman cried, wiped her face, and raised families due to the absence of the African American male. Instead of judging her, we should have thanked her! Thanked her for building America on her back! Thanked her for praying and fighting for equality of her race, family, men and country. History books are not accurate about her. Two or more Presidents had black concubines/girlfriends and biracial kids (Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings). February gives us a month and she is barley mentioned! Music wouldn’t celebrate her! The country would not acknowledge her so GOD put her in the White House. The African American Woman use to work for presidents now see is married to the President. So my conclusion is this. The African American Woman is not bitter; SHE is beautiful and loyal!

I challenge all races of people to love on the African American woman and watch her inter beauty overwhelm you. You will fall in love with who she is. There is a popular saying “What would JESUS do”? He would make it right! We are all created equal, under one GOD, one FAITH and one LORD JESUS CHRIST!

By: Eric Davis aka OLDHEAD

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